Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rick Lass Endorses Bob Walsh

We're proud to announce today that former Green Party PRC candidate Rick Lass has officially endorsed Bob Walsh's Campaign for Good Government.  As many of you know, Rick Lass is a leader in progressive and green politics in Santa Fe and a strong voice for honest government.

Read the full text of Rick's endorsement below:

I am proud to announce my endorsement of Bob Walsh for State Representative (District 48- Santa Fe).

Many of you know that I ran for PRC as a Green Party candidate in 2008 and received over 60% of the vote in Santa Fe.  I believe this vote total is an indication that the voters of Santa Fe have lost faith in traditional Democratic Party politics, and are looking for an alternative.

Bob Walsh is that alternative.

As a social progressive, Bob Walsh supports fair elections, domestic partnerships, a woman’s right to choose, and the protection of our environment. I worked alongside Bob during the 2004 Presidential recount effort, and know that he has been a leader in election and ballot reform in New Mexico – and was instrumental in establishing the state laws requiring paper ballots and voting machine audits.

I believe he will be a strong, progressive voice for change, and I urge everyone to support Bob’s campaign. With enthusiastic volunteers, a little money and great word-of-mouth, we can bring progressive change and good government to Santa Fe!

Rick Lass